Security Operations

An efficient security program involves a combination of policy and procedures, personnel, and physical security. A Master Plan outlines the requirements of each of three elements, how they relate to each other, and how they are implemented to achieve the desired security mitigation standards.

Residential Security

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security program, helping our clients and their family live safely and securely is a top priority matter to us.  Our independent and objective security assessments identify threats and vulnerabilities, which result in critical information needed to make cost-effective risk management decisions and protect assets.

Event Management

Having a party, launching a new product or brand?

Firewall Security consultants can help you make it a big success. 
We can help by controlling access at your site, watching over cars in the lot and assisting getting your guests in and out of traffic. It limits liability by having a professional security agent on site.

Our goal is to provide
the most effective solutions and supply outstanding service and support

About Us…

Firewall Security Consultants is a truly unique security organization.  As a completely independent consulting firm, unencumbered by corporate policy or government bureaucracy, we owe allegiance strictly to our clients. Only in this way can we give our clients a clear, unbiased, professional opinion on what is needed, and what options can best be utilized to meet that client’s overall security requirements.




Locations we Secure

What we do…

Firewall Security Consultants and its partner companies are known as a leading global provider of integrated security services, and risk management services. We offer customized, comprehensive solutions to support government agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations in austere and complex environments across the Middle East and Africa.


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Last but not least…

Our professional staff embrace proven experience and local know how, we bring a dynamic combination of management and working firsthand knowledge of the Middle East and Africa to any organization. This knowledge provides our company with expertise and the ability to execute in a challenging environment to ensure long-term relationships and cost effective programs for our clients’, which are specifically tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

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