In today’s life style the value of local and international news coverage cannot be ignored.  Today with the entire national and international news events are considered to be the most important topics in business decision-making. As well, the value of local news is an important aspect of our individual needs. News teams are always in a race against time; move further in more hostile environment in order to provide their viewers with most up to date breaking news to assure news market leadership.

Firewall Security Consultants offer escort service specialized to protect and advise Media and newsmakers, whether in front-line locations of conflict or in locations with crowd control issues, our capable and experience high risk advisors facilitate work and safety of news team members and their valuable broadcast equipment.

Firewall Security consultants also have available local and safe fixers and producers on demand in order to facilitate and insure the ease of media production.

Our media personnel have accumulated wide experience over twenty years working on news stories, documentaries, and TV shows with many international broadcasters and production houses, as well a wide variety of contacts data and personal relations with various political leaders, public figures and economics experts.