An efficient security program involves a combination of policy and procedures, personnel, and physical security. A Master Plan outlines the requirements of each of three elements, how they relate to each other, and how they are implemented to achieve the desired security mitigation standards.

The Master Plan also defines the desired results themselves so there is a goal that the security program wishes to achieve. We prepare Security Master Plans for all different environments and timelines that are coherent with both short and long term strategies of our clients.

Plans may address the following elements:

  • Risk Assessment Overview and Justification for Plan.
  • Goals and Objectives.
  • Management and Administration.
  • Security Deployment (staffing) Strategy.
  • Security Supervision and Training.
  • Operational Policies and Procedures.
  • Personnel Recommendations.
  • Intrusion Detection.
  • Surveillance.
  • Access Control including visitor management.
  • Security Lighting.
  • Holistic Security Integration.
  • Security Awareness.
  • Security Operations Center or Command Center Crisis Response and Emergency Preparedness.